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Duplexes are one of the more popular development opportunities in Perth, allowing you to build two homes on one block of land, separated by a common central wall.


Depending on the size and shape of your plot, a duplex can be two side by side buildings or one house behind another – the latter is also known as a battle-axe design.


Sometimes a duplex building exists on one land title and must therefore be sold together, other times they are held on two separate land titles and can be sold separately. In Perth, a duplex development can only be built on land of a certain size, which is dependent on the property zoning for your area.

Every block of land is different and all councils have different rules regarding subdivisions, so the best solution is to call us at Thompson Sustainable Homes WA and we can accurately assess what can be built on your development site.

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We take into consideration the environmental effects on homes at the design stage, which over time can dramatically deliver significant savings, given the cost associated with the energy consumption for heating and cooling. By combining these tailored design characteristics with energy efficient products and construction materials, this makes our homes the economically, socially and environmentally friendly choice.

Thompson Sustainable Homes WA is proud of its team of friendly industry professionals, who are specialised at guiding you through the new home building process – from start to finish.

Our national team have been a part of a number of large scale successful developments. here are just a few:

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The land that you already own might be the missing piece of the puzzle that will help you to achieve your financial goals. Many homeowners in Perth believe their block is too difficult or too awkward for a second building. But, at Thompson Sustainable Homes we’re experts at designing buildings for narrow and steep blocks, even those with difficult access or unwieldy shapes.

Whatever the challenges of your land, we will work with our surveyors and engineers to create a plan that will maximise your investment.

If you have a block in mind for a new residential building, we’ll determine the relevant Residential Planning Codes (R-Codes) and let you know what’s possible. Call Thompson Sustainable Homes WA on 1300 90 40 40.

Leaders in timber frame construction designed to offer more home for your budget:

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