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Estate Designs

This is why we are the best in industry


We offer a number of home designs to suit all types of lot sizes and budgets.

Designed to suit most estates within the Perth region, our homes suit single or double built to boundary dependent on the Plan of Development, along with Covenant specifications.


Having over 10+ years experience building double or single built to boundary Terrace homes across Australia, Thompson Sustainable Homes are one of the largest Australian Terrace Home builders. Our experience starts at Terrace Homes from 4m wide and we offer an array of designs to suit your needs, budget and Covenant requirements.


In some newer estates, the Plan of Development offers up a portion of Duplex lots. Each of these lots will come with their own specific guidelines and we offer the flexibility and experience to design to suit. Ask us about our existing Duplex plans to suit these coverted lots in your estate of choice today.

10m designs

Our 10m design style comes in both single and double garage options dependent on covenant requirements. Check the POD or the Covenant of your estate before settling on a design choice.

Love the design but would prefer it in a double or single garage option? We can customise to suit!

12m+ designs

Our standard 12.5m designs are most popular on the large lots within an estate. We have options of master bedroom to the front or the rear of the design, so ask our friendly sales staff for choices.

We have design choices in 25m, 28m + 30m deep allotments. Got more land? We can help customise a design to suit!

14m+ Designs

For those larger fronting allotments, we can tailor a home design to suit your needs along with covenant requirements. Or, choose one of our standard 14m+ designs.

These homes all of the luxury items you would expect from a Thompson Sustainanable WA Home.


At Thompson Sustainable Homes WA (TSHWA) we deliver quality built homes across a number of estates within the Perth region.

If you own a block of land, or are thinking of purchasing one, then be sure to ask us what designs we offer to suit that size block of land before making any decisions.

We can also customise a home to suit your land size, build budget and design outcome.



Thompson Sustainable Homes is a third generation family owned business. Over the past 50 years we have been delivering sustainable homes that are in tune with the environment.

With a heritage of relationships with industry suppliers we can bring style to sustainability. Our team of knowledgeable designers and builders take pride in providing innovative homes, tailored to suite your lifestyle and budget.

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